Slowly we are seeing the shift in attitude of law makers toward the legalization of marijuana.  There are now 26 states that have some form of legalization and there 7 which have legalized it for recreational use.  A decade ago this would have been unheard of.

In all of the states that have seen recreational use legalized have seen drops in crime and increases in tax revenue.  Colorado in particular has been a case study for many jurisdictions considering legalization.

Our neighbors to the North, Canada will have legalized recreational use across the country by July 1, 2018.  This was part of the mandate the current government was elected on and they will be the first G7 nation to do so.

While the pendulum is shifting there is still much work to be done before  marijuana is legalized across the country and at the federal level.  As marijuana activists we will keep you informed as to the legalization process and encourage you to vote.

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