The Rise of Marijuana in 2018 


Despite all the unfriendly administration issues in the Washington DC, this weed is being used for other purposes other than hospitality ones. Nevertheless, to say, Pot is becoming a huge business in the US and there is an inclusion of several companies all over the globe.

The Rise of Marijuana in 2018

As per the recent analysis, the Marijuana Industry has taken a leap of $9 billion in the year 2017 in terms of sales. In terms of the total sales of this industry, its sales is moreover similar to the sales of snack bar industry. In more confined words; its revenue was equal to the Pampers diapers. Such huge achievement by the Marijuana Industry surely lets people think about its spreadability and its power to get ahead of any other industry in their race.

Marijuana- More than just a Drug

In terms of the field of Jobs and other fantastic opportunities, this Industry is succeeding in creating great things for both the phenomenon. At present, there are around 9400 active licenses for the Marijuana business in the U.S based on the report by Ed Keating who is the chief data officer of Cannabis Media. As an organization, they track Marijuana’s licenses and report any illegal activity to the U.S government. In terms of licensing, it may include people of different professions such as retailers, manufacturers, distributors, test labs, and deliverers. a Kirkland dispensary in Washington Sate has seen outstanding growth withing the budding cannabis industry.

A Saying by Tick Segerblom- State Senator of Nevada

Keeping her view on the rise of the Marijuana Industry in 2018, she said that its great since all the money is already spent on it, when it was illegal, and now its taxed. From the time Marijuana is made legal to sale as recreational drug, they have collected more than $25 million as tax revenue. Now cops are also free, they need not to worry about arresting those who are using it.

As of now, the whole industry is under the claws of the government which can shackle them at any point in time. If this industry gets past 20 states, then there will be a little sense of surety of this drug being completely legalized in all strata of the societies.


Final Words

In the midst of the Rise of Marijuana in 2018, marijuana is not just marijuana in any case. This product offers divergent uses ranging from traditional flower to different products such as oil, rosin, shatter and many other products. As a spectator, it will be a thrill to see whether this industry can compete to get legalized or else will turn their way to dust. Till then, time is the best answer for any given problem.